After I put up the web page, I received the following email:

My husband, Chip Del Coro was leader of Group C for Sail for America.
We were on our boat Vici, a Sabre 203.  We received a copy of your write
up of the event from Michael and saw your reference to our announcement
into the harbor.  Chip wrote it and I read it over the radio.  I have
attached a copy for your record of the day.
Good sailing to you and yours.
Paula and Chip Del Coro

Announcement read on September 14, 2002 as Group C arrived at the Battery.

"Sail for America HQ, This is Sailing Vessel VICI, Group C leader on CH 71.

Commodore Fortenbaugh, Sail for America staff and volunteers, special guests and other dignitaries, it is our pleasure to present to you the boats of Fleet C, representing the Great State of New Jersey, the boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn, as well as points south.

It is our honor to inform you that we are flying over 1000 flags recognizing the victims of September 11th.

Fleet C.... please pass in review and pay your respects.

VICI over, standing by CH 71.

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