Computers I have known

"As usual, DLW has said it all, and eloquently, and perfectly. C is not an advance or an idea, it is simply the Unix allergen to which all now have to adapt or die. C, like Unix (I've been teaching elementary C programming to someone this week, and these issues are clearer than ever) was designed as a retreat, "not to have" the "hairy things" that made PL/I hard to implement and hard to understand. Not 10 minutes after I told my friend not to talk about "printf statements" did he forget to put an & in front of an input variable in the "scanf statement" because C was optimized for the benefit of the compiler writer and the computer, not its victims. That is -always- the wrong thing."

-- Bernard S. Greenberg

One of the joys have of having started programming before the monoculture of the PC was the diversity of computers and languages that I have had an opportunity to work with in my career. Here are the ones I remember.

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