Around Cape Horn

Basically you want to see (and own) this video. It is unbelievable. From the Cover:

In 1929 the last great days of commercial sail were passing. During that year Captain Iving Johnson sailed aboard the massive bark PEKING. In this program he narrates the passage in the style that has made him a favorite on the lecture circuit around the world. The most spectacular scenes are filmed during a wild storm as the ship rounds the feared Cape Horn.

Photographed 1929 and
Narrated 1980 by
Captain Irving Johnson
37 Minutes
Black & White

Available from Mystic Seaport Museum Bookstore 1-800-331-2665 or better sailing bookstores everywhere.

I have given copies of this video for birthdays and weddings. Peking is now berthed at South St. Seaport in NYC, if you are into depressing visits. The Seaport also shows excerpts of the video (which when I saw it, I said "I gotta have it"). I've also given PAL versions to friends in NTSC deprived lands. As you can guess, I give it two thumbs up.