From stefan@centaur.astro Mon Dec 13 08:31:05 1993
From: stefan@centaur.astro (Stefan Mochnacki)
Subject: Re: Sailing on TV
Date: 13 Dec 93 03:29:03 GMT
Organization: Dept. of Astronomy, University of Toronto

In article <>, writes:
|> Anyone know of any sailing events to be on TV
|> in the next month or two?
|> How about the Whitbread highlights?
|> If you know, can you post times, stations, dates, etc?

Sigh ... up here we seem to get very little indeed. Nothing in
the press or on TV about the Whitbread, as far as I can see....

BUT, I saw a rather nice late-night movie the other night called 
"Violets are Blue", with Sissy Spacek, Bonnie Bedelia and Kevin Kline,
in a harmless enough love triangle with some excellent sailing 
sequences, including a pretty exciting Hobie cat race and some fine
sexy scenes on a traditional day-sailing sloop (the setting is 
a New England(?) seaside community during the summer). Sissy Spacek
is portrayed as a competent sailor, with sailing as an important
element both in the plot and in the relationships between the
characters. Pleasant post-midnight fare, especially when it's
blowing 40 knots at -12C outside ...

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