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Date:         Fri, 14 Feb 1997 11:32:20 +0000
From: "John A. Butler" <>
Subject:      Re: Reproduction Charges
To: Multiple recipients of list MARHST-L <>

Getting a sense that several MARHST-L subscribers encounter needs for photo
reproduction, I thought the following commentary on recent efforts in the U.S.
might be helpful.

Costs noted based upon available prints, not requiring production of an
internegative.  Except where noted, requests were by phone.  Physical presence
is much to be preferred, allowing wider browsing, assessment of print quality,
sometimes do-it-yourself repro.

Mariners Museum, Newport News - very cooperative people, willing to fax
selected photos for approval, 8x10 camera ready prints $20 with permission to
reprint, customary print rights; electronic rights must be negotiated; cash up
front, but accounts can be established.

Steamship Historical Association of America, Baltimore - cooperative
librarian, works only part time and is apt to be backlogged; $10 per similar
print for members of SSHSA, something like $50 for non-members, thus for two
or more prints membership is worthwhile.  Photocopies mailed for approval, no
fax that I know of.  Very large collections--just about any commercial
steamship that's been photographed, some in public domain (typically WW II,
government owned) may be found elsewhere, but not with the ease of a visit to
the SSHSA library.  A visit is entertaining, since the library is adjaent to
the photos--a researcher's delight.

National Archives II, College Park, MD, which now holds the Naval Historical
Center collection - I've only visited directly, but I suspect they will do
some selection over the phone, provided one has the patience to deal with
government clerks.  On site commercial services do reproduction with
corresponding commercial fees.  Visit is worthwhile, and with experience can
be efficient.  Do-it-yourself on a splendid Polaroid photocopier, $8.50 per
print, camera-ready, 98% quality.

Library of Congress - wouldn't bet on good phone service or willingness to
fax; mixed reviews on personal assistance.  Some collections can be scanned on
a personal computer and "thumbprint" memo pictures printed on thermal paper,
free.  $18 per camera ready, with a runaround process (two separate buildings)
to order selected items and up to six weeks for delivery.

Peabody-Essex, Salem, MA - superb phone service, potential selections faxed,
$21 per camera ready, invoiced.  Repro rights similar to Mariners' with
possibility of additional negotiation depending on intended use.  Peabody was
my best source for cooperation; if I were more familiar with their collection,
I'd plan a book around it.

National Maritime, San Francisco - they must be severely understaffed and
overworked.  I got no cooperation by phone, and elected not to pursue matters
any further.

Commercial Shipping Companies (i.e., Exxon, Mobil) - if you can find the
archivist, very cooperative; many photos may also be in government files
(NARA), no charge but potential wait for negatives, your cost to turn into

Date:         Sun, 16 Feb 1997 19:50:05 -0500
From: Neal Johnson <>
Subject:      National Gallery of Art website goes live

Just a quick note to all Museum-Lers...

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. has launched its website.
Come take a look at

We've worked long and hard to devise a site that provides more than just
the Gallery's hours of operation and a map showing where we're located. A
complex search function provides detailed information about the Gallery's
collection of more than 100,000 paintings, sculpture, and works on paper.
You'll also find more than 10,000 24-bit color images of some of the best
works our collection has to offer.

Please stop by and visit and, above all, tell us what you think.

As I am responsible for the images, any questions about them can be
directed to me at or

Thanks for your time!

--Neal Johnson
--Digital Imaging Specialist

Date:         Mon, 17 Feb 1997 03:03:43 -0500
From: Mary Beth Straight Kiss <USNIWest@AOL.COM>
Subject:      Re: Reproduction Charges
To: Multiple recipients of list MARHST-L <>

   Mr. Butler has compiled a very impressive listing of photo reproduction
sources.  However, he left out one very big one.  The U.S. Naval Institute in
Annapolis, MD has a photo collection of over 450,000 images (growing by over
1,000 images each month).  The U.S. Naval Institute is a non-profit
organization that is over 100 years old serving to "advance the professional,
literary, and scientific knowledge in the naval and maritime services through
books and magazines, and other educational sources." The photo collection is
one of those sources.

   The collecton covers the late 1800s to the present day.  Subject matter
includes U.S. and Foreign ships, aircraft, and personnel; combat scenes from
all wars the U.S. participated in; individuals (mostly the famous and
officers, but we also have Cher so it doesn't hurt to ask); weapons,
equipment, and materials.  As for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard we have
almost every single ship that was built and served (the smaller LSTs, LCUs,
etc are not complete).  We may have over 10 or more views of a particular
ship in file, in the case, of the Iowa-class battleships we have over 1 1/2
file cabinet drawers full.  In addition, we have pictures of almost every
single plane or helo that was flown by the USN, USCG, or USMC.

     These images are mostly in the public domain and you may purchase 8 x 10
duplicate prints.  The cost for and 8 x 10 photo is
      $12.00 B&W if you are not a member of USNI   or
       $ 9.60  B&W if you are a member of USNI
If the print requires that an internegative be made a $7.00 fee is required
(for the first copy only).
      $18.00 Color if you are not a USNI member  or
      $14.40 Color if you are a USNI member
If the print requires that an internnegative be made a $9.00 fee is required
(for the first copy only).

Turnaround time is 4 x 6 weeks.  You can request a rush of 10 working days,
but the additional cost is 100%.  There is a shipping and handling cost of
$3.50 per order (not photo).  You may pay by check, cash, or credit card (MC
or VISA).

   I was the photo archivist and librarian at USNI for 9 years before being
transferred out to the West Coast with my husband.  I would be happy to
answer specific questions you have about the service or you may contact the
new photo archivist at or photo service person We have always had good feedback about our staff
response time on research, usually completed in two to three weeks.    If you
do e-mail their staff please attach my name to any correspondence.

    If you are in the area, you may visit the archives Mon.-Fri from 8-4:30
pm.  If you request that the staff perform the research, they can provide you
with xerox copies of the views available for a small nominal fee.  $2.50 for
the research and .25 cents a page for the xeroxing (for non-USNI members) or
if you are a member of USNI already you can have the research done for .20
cents a page and no research fee.

   If anyone would like a photo brochure, book catalogue, or membership
information sent to them you can forward your mailing address to me and I
will get the information into the mail that day!

   I miss working with the photographs at USNI and loved working with the
researchers, authors, and inquirers.  I learned much about military history
through these images and the people who requested them.   They truly tell a
story that is worth telling....

If you have further questions or wants please do not hesitate to contact me
personally at

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