Some Swedish Tallship Information

I received the email at the end of this page. It is not entirely accurate (some dates and facts are wrong), a better source is Kryssarklubbens Seglarskola which has the correct information online in Swedish. I'll leave this here, but you should check their page for more detailed information.

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 95 18:32:24 0200
From: Anders Jonson <>

I noticed you havn't got any Tall ship info from Sweden. 
During the summers I sail the ketch Atlantica. Tomorrow (sunday 
9/7) we sail for Edinburgh, and are taking pert in the Tall 
Ships Race. By the way, Atlantica won the trophy in 1986....
Anyhow; the address to the largest tall ships sailing 
organisation in Sweden is as follows:
Stiftelsen Svenska Kryssarklubbens Seglarskola
Vita Gaveln 38
Nya Varvet
426 71 Vastra Frolunda

The organisation has three ships; 
Atlantica (appr 28 meters, 125 000 kilos, built in 1981 in 
Skafen, Denmark after the blueprints of Gratitude, a crew of 32
Gratitude (appr. 25 meters, 90000 kilos, built in 1907 in 
Lowestoft, UK, crew of 26)
Gratia (a yatch, built in the 50-ties, crew of 26)

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