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"Imagine you are blazing a trail without a compass -- where will you end up? You'll probably do a random walk, but if you don't start out with a particular goal, I suppose that doesn't really matter... and if it is a nice forest you'll enjoy the scenery... I suppose that describes my career."

- Jerome B. Wiesner

In building the URL set to be indexed for the experimental sail search engine, I first do a web walk starting at http://www.apparent-wind.com/sailing-page.html. Listed here are statistics from some of those walks.

Walk DateWalk Statistics
11/11/00 - Current
Walk Depth3
Total URLs Visited37977
Number of Hosts Visited7222
Size in MB of data Indexed364.5
Total Links on apparent-wind2146
Walk Depth3
Total URLs Visited37046
Number of Hosts Visited7223
Size in MB of data Indexed397.3
Total Links on apparent-wind1965
Walk Depth3
Total URLs Visited36467
Number of Hosts Visited6832
Size in MB of data Indexed107.4
Total Links on apparent-wind1872
Walk Depth2
Total URLs Visited5500
Number of Hosts Visited1885
Size in MB of data Indexed47.1
Total Links on apparent-wind1828
Walk Depth3
Total URLs Visited41874
Number of Hosts Visited7789
Size in MB of data Indexed138.5
Total Links on apparent-wind1828
Walk Depth2
Total URLs Visited3145
Number of Hosts Visited?
Size in MB of data Indexed53.5
Total Links on apparent-wind?
Walk Depth3
Total URLs Visited14429
Number of Hosts Visited?
Size in MB of data Indexed101.9
Total Links on apparent-wind?
Walk Depth?
Total URLs Visited3017
Number of Hosts Visited?
Size in MB of data Indexed9MB
Total Links on apparent-wind?
3/19/95 walk - first up on site 4/4/95
Walk Depth?
Total URLs Visited3297
Number of Hosts Visited72
Size in MB of data Indexed?
Total Links on apparent-wind824 (from 6.3.95 backup)

Form last updated: Sat Nov 11, 2000

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