Some Info on U.S. Maritime Academies

Date:         Tue, 16 Jan 1996 00:20:16 -0500
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From: Norman Brouwer <NBSAILSHIP@AOL.COM>
Subject:      American maritime academies

These schools were originally founded by port cities rather than states; per
Act of 1874.
The oldest is SUNY Maritime College, founded in 1874, first cadets enrolled
in early 1875.  Transferred from City of New York to State of New York
c.1910.  First training ship U.S.S. ST. MARY'S, replaced in 1908 by U.S.S.
NEWPORT, replaced in 1931 by EMPIRE STATE (i).
San Francisco sent students on one cruise in the U.S.S. JAMESTOWN in 1876,
but did not continue the program.
Philadelphia founded the next school in 1889.  First training ship U.S.S.
SARATOGA.  Replaced in 1907 by the U.S.S. ADAMS.  School closed in 1914.
 Reopened as state school in 1920.  Training ship U.S.S. ANNAPOLIS.  Replaced
by U.S.C.G.C. SENECA in 1940.  School closed for last time in 1947.
Boston founded the next school in 1891.  First training ship U.S.S.
ENTERPRISE.  Replaced in 1909 by U.S.S. RANGER, later renamed NANTUCKET.
State of California founded its present school in 1929..
State of Maine founded its present school in 1941.
State of Texas founded its present school in 1962.
Great Lakes Academy at Traverse City, Michigan was founded in 1969-70.

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