Legacy: Materials from the Historic American Merchant Marine Survey

As part of my masters program in Maritime History, I took a course on Exhibit Design in 1995. The major project for this course was to design an exhibit, which included conducting research in some area, designing and building a model of the exhibit, and then presenting the design in class.

For my project, I chose to build an exhibit on the Historic American Merchant Marine Survey (HAMMS). We were required to select a location for our exhibit, so I chose the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Included on this page are some of the materials I produced as part of that project.

Obviously, this exhibit was never produced. Also note that given the limited time, not all the photos or materials are actually from HAMMS (which the instructor was fine with). As a historian, it was a strange experience to be loose with facts, and I think it was a useful lesson about having to be careful with exhibit designers, who may have a different agenda than exhibit curators.

Photos taken of the Initial Model of the Exhibit

Photos taken of the Final Model of the Exhibit



The Final Document

Unfortunately, the final document was required to be delivered sized 11"x17", so the following images turned out a little fuzzy when I scanned them.

Page 001 - Legacy: Materials from the Historic American Merchant Marine Survey
Page 002 - Table of Contents
Page 003 - Model Photographs - see above
Page 004
Page 005 - Walkthrough of Exhibit
Page 006
Page 007
Page 008
Page 009
Page 010 - Motives Elements Devices
Page 011
Page 012
Page 013
Page 014
Page 015
Page 016
Page 017
Page 018
Page 019 - Bibliography
Page 020 - Addendum: Drawings- See also above, which are clearer
Page 021
Page 022
Page 023 - Addendum: Exhibition Proposal
Page 024
Page 025
Page 026
Page 027
Page 028 - Typical Hamms Photographs and Boat Lines
Page 029 - Typical Hamms Art Work and Documents
Page 030 - Typical Hamms News Release
Page 031 - Issues on Electronic Presentation
Page 032
Page 033 - Bibliography
Page 034
Page 035
Page 036

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