Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association of North America(IYRA) Mailing List

From: Jay Allen <>
Subject: New Address of the ICYRA Mailing List
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 15:19:11 -0600
Organization: Tulane University

Hi everyone,

	We have moved the ICYRA mailing list (College Sailing) to a new
site!!!  The new address of the list is:

	Just like before, there is a *DIFFERENT* address for 
administrative requests (subscribe/unsubscribe/digest/file retrieval etc):

	To subscribe or unsubscribe send a message to the majordomo reading:

	subscribe icyra your_address		(address is optional)


	unsubscribe icyra your_address		(address is optional)
	For more help on the majordomo software, include the word 'help'
in your messsage to the majordomo address. 

	If you have any questions or need help, please contact me at or 


-------Old Info ---------------


ICYRA Mailing List Information				

	Welcome to the ICYRA mailing list!  This list is a distribution
list for the purpose of spreading knowledge of and disseminating
information about the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association of North
America to all interested parties.  It is also the official bulletin board
of the ICYRA and its member teams.  All official notices from the ICYRA
will be sent to the subscribers of the list.  You may also _CONTRIBUTE_ to
the list by sending e-mail to:

	When replying to mail posted to the list, if you want everyone to
receive your reply, send it to the above address.
	Otherwise, address it to the individual who sent it. 

	All requests for _SUBSCRIBING/UNSUBSCRIBING_, or for reporting of
any PROBLEMS should go to:

To subscribe, write SUBSCRIBE in the subject and:

	SUBSCRIBE <Last Name, First Name>

in the body of the message.

To unsubscribe, write UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject and:

	UNSUBSCRIBE <Last Name, First Name>

in the body of the message.

	If you have a problem, just write PROBLEM in the subject, and
detail the problem in the body of the message. 

	Also, use icyra-request if you need any of the following:

		--Help with the list 
		--General information about ICYRA (if it can't 
		wait for the FAQ to be sent out)
		--Technical help with Internet
		--To notify us ofaddress changes
		--Anything else you don't want everyone in 
		North America to see

	If for some reason you have a problem sending to either of those
addresses, then please contact me at:

and I will try to work out the problem.



	The purpose of this mailing list is two-fold:

	1) To enhance the communication network between all members of
ICYRA and promote discussion of all topics relate to college sailing (e.g.
boatspeed, tactics, management of individual teams, sailing site tips,

	2) To give all people who are interested in college sailing, but
not currently participating in it, a view into the fierce competition,
practices, schedules, rankings, discussions, and any other information
helpful to them. 



	When posting certain types mail to the lists, we will have a
special protocol as follows: 

For posting notices of regatta:			|
	NOTICE:<regatta name>,<host district>	|
For instance,					|
	NOTICE:Nelson-Roltsch, SEISA		|
	RESULT:<regatta name>,<host district>	|
For instance,					|
	RESULT:Blue Couch Regatta, MAISA	|

	This makes it easier to scan for a quick search...  Any 
other posts can be done normally, unless anyone can think of any 
other useful conventions... 


	1)  Be considerate.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

	2) No flaming (inflammatory remarks which offend or elicit strong
feelings and/or an infinite number of unproductive and idiotic posts to
the list.) (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

	3) When replying, make sure to include the pertinent portion of
the message with the reply, and only that part.  There is nothing worse
than a ten page message for a four-word reply, or four-word reply with
nothing else.  Before sending, just think how others will read your

	4) Keep personal discussions off of the list.  Don't clutter up
other peoples mailboxes with thirty messages about where "our team is
going to stay for Navy Fall".  When you have some idea that no one else on
this list could care less about what you are saying, it is probably time
to consider moving it onto a private means of communication. (see above --
Contacting directly :)

	5) Don't subscribe/unsubscribe or report problems to the icyra
address (only to the icyra-request).  No one else but me cares... 

	6) Don't send regular messages to the icyra-request address, my
Mailhost and I will be the only two who get them.  (Not that we don't find
them _very_ interesting.)



	A Frequently Asked Questions list is under construction and shall
be sent out shortly.  If you have anything to add, or suggest for
inclusion in the FAQ, please let me know. 


	Hopefully by August, we will set up a newsgroup on USENET
( ?) which will inherit the discussion and general
we will use this list for everything. 



	This is your list.  It can flourish only with your help.  I need
suggestions!!  If you feel anything is the slightest bit unclear, let me
know immediately.  Also, if you have any additions that you feel would be
appropriate for a Welcome document, send them to me.  This is actually
what's the difference ;) This is your list, put it to good use! 



	As I said before, for this list to be successful, it needs your
help.  WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!  Anything that you think might be of interest
to others, or any questions you have for the general population, post them
to the list!  Don't let all of these blood, sweat, and tears go to waste! 
(Okay, maybe blood cholesterol, Butterfinger bars, and lots of coffee, but
what's the difference ;) This is your list, put it to good use! 



	If anyone needs a copy of a back posting, send e-mail to
icyra-request and in the subject write BACK-POSTING.  In the body, tell me
exactly what you need.  All posts from this list will be automatically



	What else needs to be here???? What did I miss????



	I hate to say this, but it needs to be said.  Subscribing to this
list is a privilege, not a right.  If you abuse that privilege, you will
lose it, period.  Follow, the few rules we have, and nobody will get hurt! 

Sail Fast--
Jay Allen 		      \ "If at first you don't succeed,  \       
University of Texas-Ex, 1993   \       lower your standards." ;)  \
Tulane Medical School	        \__________________________________\
Southeastern Intercollegiate Sailing Assoc. Executive Vice-President


If you remember nothing else, remember this: goes to EVERYONE goes to me and my Mailhost goes to only John Doe

	Keep that straight, and we will all be very happy!  :)  

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