For a Sailing Club I belong to, I created a handful of animated gifs to give some idea on how to tie knots. There are some great books on knots, such as those by Brion Toss, so I refer you to them for more info.

I put a lot of time into these knots, so I do ask that if you use the knots, you put a link to this page to give me credit. I don't mind you using this information, or even changing wording or languages, but if you do, please let me know and have a link to this page as well. If you are actually interested, here are the grotty Technical Details on how I created these knots.

Illustration Knot Description
Anchor Hitch Used to attach a line to an object. Holds well even when tension on line is changing, for instance with an anchor.
Bowline When in doubt, use a bowline.
Clove Hitch Used to attach a line to an object. Not a highly secure knot, but sufficient to attach fenders to lifelines.
Figure Eight A stopper knot. Used at the end of a line to keep it from sneaking away. Often seen at the end of jib sheets.
Rolling Hitch A hitch that can be adjusted and tied under tension.
Sheet Bend Used to attach two lines together.
Reef Knot (Square Knot) Good for reef points and shoes.

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