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There was a great difference in boats, of course. For a long time I was on a boat that was so slow we used to forget what year it was that we left port in. But of course this was at rare intervals.

- Mark Twain Life on the Mississippi

One Design Resources

You might also check the email lists section on the main sailing page since some designs only have email lists and also the sailboat manufacturers page.
Achilles 24

The Alberg 22 Site

The Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 One-Design Association

The Swedish Albin Express Class Association
The Express was designed in 1978 by the Swedish yacht designer Peter Norlin. Most Express boats were manufactured by Albin Marin during the hectic years 1979 thru 1982. More than 1100 Expresses has been sold. Most sail in Swedish waters, a few in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Germany.

Allied Seawind
Information for Allied Seawind owners (the original 30 ft. version)

Aloha Owners Association
Website for owners of Aloha 27(8.2), Aloha 28(8.5), Aloha 30 and Aloha 32 sailboats built by Ouyang Boat Works in Whitby, Ontario, Canada during the 1970s and 1980s.

Aloha 27
Built by Ouyang Boat Works, Whitby, Ontario from 1979 to 1986, about 186 of this Robert Perry design were built .

Atlantic One Design

Australian 16ft Skiffs
The Official homepage of the Australian 16ft Skiff.

Baba Sailboat

Banjer 37 Motorsailer Club

Bear Boat Owners Assocation

Beneteau Owners Association

Chicago Beneteau 40.7 Fleet
On Lake Michigan.

International Blue Jay Class

Bluenose One Design Class

Bristol owners page
A site that contains information on some of the older Bristols. It contains info on the 19, 24,30,35,39 and 40. This was done to exchange diagrams an information between owners, as Bristol Yachts has folded. It contains accurate information and specs as well as links to owners.

Bristol 29.9 Sailing Vessel Owner's Association
A place to promote the sharing of information among owners of the Bristol 29.9 sailing vessel.

The B&R 23 Home Page
The B&R23 was designed by the free thinking design team Lars Bergstrom and Sven Ridder without consideration for the type of rules that have a handicap rating system. The aim was to make a fast, enjoyable, high-performance sailboat without neglecting safety.

The Buccaneer 18 Homepage

C&C Sailing Association
See also South Shore Yachts.

C&C 27 Association

Cal 20 Class Association

Capri 14.2 National Association

Mainsheet, the Magazine for Catalina and Capri Owners
There is also the Catalina 27 Association which includes tons of Catalina Resources on the Internet. And Catalina 22.

Catalina 25 and Catalina 250 National Association

Catalina 30 Yacht Owners One-Design Association

CH++ - a project to develop a new single handed racing dinghy

Bolger-designed cat ketch.

Cheetah 30

Cherub Class

Cheoy Lee Association

Columbia 50 Cruising Club

Comet Class

Com-Pac Yacht Owners Association
Includes information on Com-Pac Yachts including a mailing list for owners.

International Contender Homepage
Contains information on the Contender, and also a list of national class associations with online information.

Contessa 32 Class Association

Corsair Class Association of Australia

C&C Corvette Association

CSY Home Page

UK Dart18 Class Association

The Day Sailer Association
An Uffa Fox & George O'Day design, it has a 16' 9" planing hull with pivot centerboard.

Designers Choice Home Page

The Dickerson Site
This site is dedicated to the Dickerson Sailing Yacht.

Douglas 32
Dedicated to sharing information with owners of the Douglas and Hullmaster 31/32 series of sailing vessels.

International Dragon Association
See also the The Swedish Dragon Association, the International Dragon Class in Germany, or the International Dragon Class in Finland.

Drascombe Owners Association, North America

The Efsix is a fast, comfortable open sailing boat with a retractable keel.

International Eight Metre Association

11:Metre One Design Class Association
Also check out 11:Metre CA Germany, 11:Metre CA Norway, and 11:Metre CA Belgium.

11.5 Escape Class Association

Elliott 7

Ensign Class Association
See also The Unofficial Ensign Sailing Home Page.

International Etchells Web Site
There is also an Etchells mailing list.

E-Scow Home Page

The International Europe Dinghy
Homepage for the Europe Dinghy, a single-handed, high-performance boat that is the Women's singlehanded Olympic class. Fleets exist throughout the world, sailed by men and women, and the page contains information on events, ranking and technical data.

Express 27 Detroit Fleet

Fantasia 35
A Bruce Bingham designed 35' cutter.

Farr 3.7 Class
Info on the New Zealand "Farr 3.7 Class".

Finnish Eight Metre Association
Information on Finnish 8mR boats.

Finn Class
Includes internet Edition Of The International Finn Class Magazine.

International Fireball Page
The Fireball is a high-performance International racing dinghy. It has a crew of two, with trapeze and spinnaker. Major fleets race Fireballs in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Switzerland, France, Czechoslovakia, North America and many other countries.

Fisher Owners Association

International 505 Home
5o5 Dinghy Class Association.

Flicka Sailboat

International Flying Dutchman Class

United States national organization for the International Flying Junior.

The Flying Scot Page
The Flying Scot is a large (19' LOA), beamy (6' 9") centerboard dinghy that is sailed throughout North America.

Club 420 Class Association

International 470 Class

Force 5 Class Association

International 420 Class

The new olympic skiff.

Friendship Sloop Society

Gemini Gems Home Page
Cruising Catamarans.

Grampian Owners

Gulfstar Owners Club

Hampton One-Design

Harpoon 5.2
Info on the C&C designed Boston Whaler Harpoon 5.2, as well as the Harpoon 4.6 Trainer and 6.2 Cruiser.

Hartley TS16 Trailer Sailer
Information on the most popular trailer sailer in Australia.

Herreshoff "s" Class Association of Western Long Island Sound

Highlander Class Association
20' daysailer by Sandy Douglass, designer of the Thistle and Flying Scot.

Hirondelle Owners' Community

International Hobie Class Association
As well as the Dutch Hobie Cat Association, the North American Hobie Class Association.

Hobie 33 North American Class Association

The New Zealand H28 Yacht Owners' Association
The H28 was designed by L. Francis Herreshoff in 1942.

Hurley Owners Association
Hurley Marine, Ltd. was one of the UK's larger boat builders. This site is devoted to Hurley's range of sailing yachts, and especially to the Hurley 22.

Ideal 18
Information from Shumway Marine, the US distributor of the Ideal 18.

The Swedish IF-boat association. See also the Danish IF-boat club and the Norwegian IF-boat club

Interlake Sailing
A site devoted to the 18-foot Interlake class.

Iroquois owners' resource page
Information on Iroquois and other Sailcraft cats including minutes of the annual IOA meeting in the UK.

Islander Sailboats
Information Islander Sailboats.

Islander 36 Association
The San Francisco Islander 36 Association.

International J/24 Class Association

Jeanneau Owners Network

Johnson 18 Class Association

Joker Owners Association
Site is dedicated to the Joker class of trailer yachts which were designed by International Multihull designer Ron Given.

Jolle Klasse B
A small wooden sailing and rowing dinghy of which over 800 of them were built from 1908 - 1962 by the famous shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen in Lemwerder near Bremen/Germany.

Kettenburg Boat Owners Association

Kittiwake 23 Registry
Providing a registry for the existing Kittiwake 23 sailing yachts manufactured by Kenner, Ray Greene & Co., and River City Sailcraft and a forum for Kittiwake owners.

San Francisco Bay Knarr Association
One-design class racing fleet - 30' sloop actively raced in Denmark, Norway and San Francisco.

UK and Dutch Leisure Owners Associations
For owners of the Leisure class of yachts, built in the UK and Germany, ranging from the Leisure 17 up to the Leisure 29.

International Lightning Page
This is a page devoted to people interested in International Lightning Class sailboats.

International 14
World Class association.

Jet 14
The JET 14, a two-man, non-trapezing dinghy, was developed by Howard Siddons in 1955.

JY Sailboats
Including the JY 15

The home page for Laser Sailing. It includes an HTML archive of the Laser mailing list and some other stuff. Maintained by Will Sadler. There is also a Brazilian Laser Page, and more at Things to do for a Laser.
Home page for owners and sailors of Laser 28.

Laser 500 Web site
Site for 5000 facts, details of current results and future events.

Martin 16

Matilda Sailboats Homepage
Specifications of Matilda 20 & Matilda 23 sailboats built by Ouyang Boat Works in Whitby, Ontario, Canada during the 1970s.

Maxi Racer West Class Association
In Swedish, but bilder (pictures?) are of course international.

MC Scow

Melges 24 Home Page
Info on the Melges 24.

Melonseed Skiff
The original drawings of this boat appeared in Chapelle's "American Small Sailing Craft", and were dated prior to 1888.

Mercury Class Yacht Racing Association (MCYRA)

Merit 25
Maintained by Paul Kamen, aka fishmeal

Mirage-Kirby Owner's Group
Info on Mirage Sailboats.

International Mirror Class Sailing Dinghy
See also Mirror Class Association of Victoria

Moore 24
Includes Santa Cruz races and '95 Roadmaster series.

Morgan Out Island 28 Page
A site from Rob and Crystal Rall.

Morgan 38 Owners' Group
This page includes information on the "Charley Morgan" 38, the 382/383/384 series, and the new Catalina/Morgan 38s.

Morgan 41 Page

International Moth Class Association Germany
Also a UK one. And a paper on Moth Design.

M-20 Scow
The M-20 was designed in 1963 by Buddy and Harry Melges of Zenda, WI.

Nacra Catamarans in Austalia

Nantucket Clipper Owners Site

National Sonata Class Association

Nelson/Marek 36

Nimble Boat Owners Club

International Nonsuch Association

Nordica Sailboats
Info about boats built in Canada by a company called Exe Fibercraft in the mid 70's to the early 80's and sold under the name of Nordica.

The NS14 Sailing Dinghy
Information on this one design developed in Australia

Offshore Yachts Class Owners' Association
Looks after the interests of boats made by Offshore Yachts Ltd.

OK Dinghy International Association (OKDIA)

International One Design Class

International 110 Class

See also info from Optimist USA/Sturgis Boat Works

Pacer Association of Australia
The Pacer is a 3.8m one design sloop rigged family dinghy, complete with spinnaker.

Pandora Owners Association

Pan Oceanic Owners Group
Pan Oceanic Owners Group is for anyone owning or interested in owning a Brewer designed Pan Oceanic 38, 43, or 46.

Paper Tiger Catamaran

The Queensland Paper Tiger Catamaran Association
The Paper Tiger is a light weight catamaran 14 ft (4.2m) long found mostly in Australia and New Zealand.

Pearson Renegade Home Page
Also includes other Pearson links/

Pearson 365 International Owners Association

The (Pearson) Vanguard Page
Information on Pearson Vanguards.

San Francisco Pelican Sailboats
Information on the Pelican 12, 16, 18 and YANGTZE 18.

International Penguin Class Dinghy Association

Phoenix Class Owners Association

Picnic Cat Association

National Pintail Class Association
The Pintail is a 14 foot family cruising/racing daysailer built by boat builder MFG starting in 1966. Since then over 2000 boats have been built and are active in fleet racing across the United States.

Precision Owners Page

Lee's Precision 165 Page

Ranger 23 Owners & Class Association

Rebel Class

Rhodes 19 Class Association

Rhodes Reliant and Offshore 40 Sailboat Home Page
Network for owners of Rhodes Reliants, Offshore 40s, and Empire 40s, sail boats, designed by Philip Rhodes and built by Cheoy Lee in 1963-76.

Rival 22
Information in Swedish from Anders Hynen.

RS Class Association
Information on the RS line of boats.

S2 6.9 Owners Page
This website gives specs, pictures, diagrams, boats wanted & for sale, and a bulletin board for the S2 6.9. The S2 6.9 is 22' loa, 8' beam, 2200 lb displ, 4'6" - 10" (brd up) draft and is easily trailered. The 6.9 is 7/8th scale of the S2 7.9 (or the 7.9 is 8/7th scale of the 6.9). About 400 boats were produced and while most have a lifting keel, some models of both the 6.9 and the 7.9 had a fixed keel. The boat is commonly used for racing, daysailing, overnighting, and trailer cruising. It sleeps four, has a porta-potti, and 4'6" headroom.

San Juan 21 Class Association
Also a bulletin board San Juan 21 Harbor.

San Juan 24 Class Association

San Juan 28/29 Sailboats

Santa Cruz 27 National Association

Santana 20 Class Association

Santana 22 Site

Santana 525 Home Page

Scanmar Owners' Association

Schock 35 Class Association
See also The "Unofficial" Website For Schock 35 Racers

The Slocum Spray Society of Australia Inc.
Dedicated to continuing the adventuresome spirit of Joshua Slocum and to promote the Spray design as the ultimate cruising vessel.

Sea Sprite Association
This site is dedicated to the classic sailing yacht the Sea Sprite 23 first designed by Carl Alberg in 1957, followed later by the 28', 30' and 34' Sea Sprite designed by William Luders.

1720 Home Page
In 1991, a group of sailing enthusiasts who are members of the World's oldest yacht club, The Royal Cork founded in 1720 on the shores of Cork Harbour on the southern coast of Ireland, approached a number of international yacht designers with an idea to produce a new Cork Harbour One Design to replace the famous class that was designed and built in 1895/96 and raced in Cork until the 1960's.

American Shark Association
The Shark is a 10x20' one design boat.

Canadian Shark Class Association
Shark 24.

Shields Class

Silver Motor Yacht Association
An association for owners and enthusiasts of the boats built by James A Silver Ltd. Rosneath in Scotland, UK. They built sailing boats too!

Six Metre Class (6mR)
6 Metre Class.

Soling Home Page


Southern Cross Owner's Association
A non-profit group of owners and enthusiasts for Southern Cross Yachts (28, 31, 35 and the 39).

Snipe Class WWW Server
The home page for Snipe Sailing, including class history, contacts, photographs, etc. Also, the Official Italian Snipe WWW Server.

South Coast Seacraft Owners' Association

Spencer Yacht Owners Group

Square Meter sailboats
With particular attention to the history and development of the Nordic 22Sq.meter class of Norway.

International Star Class
Lists info on the Star Class as well as links to the districts.

SCOAP - Streaker Class Owners Association of the Philippines

Sunfish Class information including bulletin board and mailing list.

North American Tasar Association

Tasar Association UK (TAUK)
See also Tasar Dinghy Page.

The Tanzer 16 Page

Tanzer 22 Class Association

Tanzer 26 unofficial website

Tartan 27 Owner's site

Tayana Owners Group
A volunteer organization serving Tayana and Vancouver yacht owners.

International 10 Square Meter Sailing Canoe: The Swedish Homepage

International 10 Square Meter Canoe Page: The U.S. Homepage

The Thistle
Info on Thistles. See also info on Thistle mailing list.

International Thunderbird Class Association

Tinker Class Owners Association

Triton One Design Class of San Francisco Bay

International 210 Association

International 2.4 Metre Class
See also the U.S. Class Association .

U.S. Mariner Class Association

Ultimate 20 Class Association

UK 18ft Skiff

Vanguard 15 Class Association
Part of information on Vanguard Sailboats.

Vega Association of Great Britain
For all those interested in the Albin Vega 27'. And the American Vega Association.

Victoria 18

The Victorian `125' Association
The 125 is a 12.5 foot (3.83 m) two person intermediate sailing dinghy complete with spinnaker and trapese.

Victory 21

VJ Amateur Sailing Association
The VJ was designed in 1932 by the naval architect Charles Sparrow, as an exciting, low cost, intermediate sized skiff for the Vaucluse Amateur Sailing Club on Sydney Harbour thus the name VJ (Vaucluse Junior).

The West Wight Potter Web Page

The Wayfarer Sailing Dinghy
United States Wayfarer Association".

Westerly Owners Association

Windmill Class Association
The Windmill is a 15 1/2 foot, 2-person racing dinghy designed by boat-builder Clark Mills in 1953.

Philip L. Rhodes design from the 1940's.

Yankee 30
Designed by Sparkman & Stephens and built by Yankee Yachts in Santa Ana, California.

American Y-Flyer Yacht Racing Association

The Unofficial Norwegian Yngling Homepage
There is also a mailing list.


One Design Classes on the Web
A great listing by Palmer Davis.
Information about sailboat specifications (including pictures) and other useful sailing-related links.

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