Charter for the Local Sailing Newsgroup: ott.rec.sailing

"Ott.rec.sailing" is an unmoderated newsgroup for people interested in sailing in and around the Ottawa-Outaouais region (eastern Ontario, western Quebec, Canada). It is an electronic gathering place, public forum, and messaging area for the region's sailing community. Although it is primarily concerned with activities taking place within the region, the newsgroup also welcomes the participation residents of the area who happen to do their sailing on more distant waters. This newsgroup is intended to serve the needs of people involved in all aspects of sailing, whether it be dinghies or keelboats, racing or cruising, or any combination thereof. It also welcomes postings by powerboaters on matters relevant to both powerboating and sailing.

The main objective of this newsgroup is to provide a local and informal discussion group where people will feel at ease when making announcements or participating in various exchanges. Individuals are encouraged to post questions, answers, suggestions, ideas, stories, tips, information, opinions, announcements, and any other musings about sailing and related activities in the Ottawa-Outaouais region. Likewise, non-profit organizations are also encouraged to make use of this newsgroup to make announcements for regattas, various sailing events, and even non-commercial sailing/navigation courses.

The posting of personal "for sale" ads (non-commercial advertising) is permitted in this newsgroup for matters directly relating to sailing, and on condition that individuals do not post ads more than once every two weeks. No other advertising is permitted in this newsgroup, including all forms of commercial advertising, whether by businesses or individuals. Note that personal ads can also be directed to "", and business ads can be posted on "".

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