Subject: r.b.m.FAQ1of4.intro
Originator: bonitch@vella
Organization: Xerox Corp, Rochester NY
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995 02:07:39 GMT

             Introduction to

                      February 15, 1995

Welcome to, AKA r.b.m.  This is the advertising
group of the newsgroups.  My name is Joe Bonitch, and I am
the moderator.

This group contains advertisements for boating related items and
services for sale and boating related items and services wanted.

Advertisements can be for any items or services that people may want
to sell or are looking for that are boating related.

The contents of this group are not currently archived.  If you are
interested in starting an archive site for this newsgroup, contact me.

This is a moderated newsgroup.  That means that you cannot post
directly to it, as you can with most other newsgroups.  If you have
an advertisement that you would like to post, email it to the
submissions address, and the moderator will check it over and post
it.  There is another document posted regularly that describes how
to submit advertisements.  If you want to submit an advertisement,
make SURE you read those directions, or you'll just have to fix your
advertisement and send it in again.  Email all your submissions to the
submissions address:

I want to make this a good group.  If you have any questions, helpful
comments, suggestions, or even criticisms, please contact me at  Do not send submissions to that address.

This file will be posted every month.  Other files that will be
posted regularly are:

   o Instructions for submitting advertisements

   o Guidelines for advertising in

   o Disclaimer for

Subject: r.b.m.FAQ2of4.instructions
Originator: bonitch@vella
Organization: Xerox Corp, Rochester NY
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995 02:12:47 GMT

            Instructions for Submitting Advertisements

                       February 15, 1995

This file contains instructions on how to make submissions to the newsgroup, AKA r.b.m.

Possibly revised editions are posted every month.


This group is for the posting of advertisements for boating related
items and services for sale and boating related items and services
wanted.  Advertisements MUST be for boating related items or services
only.  All other submissions will be rejected.


To make an advertisement, you should be directly associated with the
item or service in the advertisement.  It is best if you are the
person selling or looking for the item or service.  If you have a
friend that would like to post to r.b.m, but doesn't have Usenet
access, they can post advertisements via email.  See the HOW TO SUBMIT
AN ADVERTISEMENT in this document.


Usenet traffic is carried on NSFNet and other networks with
non-commercial acceptable use policies.  Therefore, this group is
not a commercial advertising forum.  The motto here is "Information,
not promotion."  Product announcements may not contain hype or
denigrating comparisons with competing products.  Announcements of
products should contain only a straightforward description of
features, requirements, pricing, and so forth.  A look at the "news"
or "new products" section of a computer magazine should give an idea
of the proper presentation.

Since it is often difficult to quickly get a special version of a
press release, all press releases from commercial sources are
accepted.  However, when there is inappropriate material in a press
release, the moderator acts as a newsroom editor to remove such
material before it is posted.


This newsgroups is for two basic types of advertisements.  Boating
related items or services for sale and boating related items or
services wanted.  If it is not boating related, the advertisement
will be rejected.  PERIOD.

There is another document called "Guidelines for Advertising in".  If you would like to submit an advertisement,
read that document before you write the advertisement.


The exact format of your post is not important, so long as it is
clear, well-organized, and provides all the necessary information.

Do not right-justify your post.  Leave a ragged right margin.
Also, keep your line length under 70 characters wide.  See the
"Guidelines for Advertising in" document
for more info.

Try to keep your advertisement short.  If it is too long, people
will not read the whole thing.  If you need to provide further
information, make it available in documentation, through email,
or with some other method.

Correct spelling and grammar are important.  If you have difficulty
writing in English, ask for help, and the moderator will try to help
correct any problems.


Once you have your advertisement written, you should submit it to
the moderator.  The primary moderator is Joe Bonitch.  The best
method for submitting advertisements is via email.  Send your
submission to  If your advertisement
is posted, you will be sent an acknowledgement via email.  If the
advertisement is rejected for any reason, it will be sent back to
you with an explanation.

Please try to avoid making submissions by simply posting them to  Most systems will forward these to the
moderator, but often the return address will get mangled, and this
may foul up the forwarding mechanism  especially if a backup moderator
is serving.

If your advertisement is accepted and posted, an acknowledgement will
be sent back to you immediately.  If you receive no acknowledgement
after a reasonable wait, contact Joe at
This time, you should include your telephone number in case there is
some trouble sending you email.

If your advertisement is accepted and posted, an acknowledgement will
be sent back to you immediately.  If you receive no acknowledgement
after a reasonable wait, contact Joe at
This time, you should include your telephone number in case there is
some trouble sending you email.

If there are no problems with the advertisement, it will be posted
within a couple of days.  The moderator may make minor edits for
spelling, grammar, or clarity.  If there is a problem with the
advertisement, it will be returned with a note about the problem,
so you can fix it.  Common reasons for rejection are inappropriate
subject for this group, incomplete information about a product,
much too much information (listing every single minor feature),
failing to list your association with the product/company, and
too much selling hype.


Cross-posting isn't permitted.  Also, it is generally not necessary
to re-post your announcement in other groups, as
r.b.m has low traffic and will most likely have high readership.


Finally, if you have any questions about this group or if you need
help writing an advertisement, contact the moderator at the admin
email address:, or at his
personal email address:

Subject: r.b.m.FAQ3of4.guidelines
Originator: bonitch@vella
Organization: Xerox Corp, Rochester NY
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995 02:14:53 GMT

         Guidelines for Advertising in

                       February 15, 1995

This document is a supplement to the document "Instructions for
Submitting Advertisements to," which is posted
at the same time as this one.  Read the "Instructions..." document
before you read this document.  This document gives specific
instructions on how to write an advertisement for submission to
r.b.m.  If you follow these guidelines, you can be reasonably sure
that your advertisement will be accepted.

You do not need to follow the exact format given here.  However,
you should include all appropriate information requested.

While typical commercial press releases are acceptable, they usually
get edited (cut mercilessly) to remove inappropriate material, such
as hype, denigrating comparisons with competing products, and stilted
quotes from departmental vice presidents.  If you would like to
write an advertisement from scratch, this document is intended
to provide a reasonable guideline.

If you are not the owner of the item for sale, or the person who is
advertising a service, remember to state how you are associated with
the person or company that is selling the item or service.  If your
advertisemnt does not include this information, it will be rejected.
It may even be something like "Skippy has this outboard motor for
sale, and he asked me to post an advertisement."  In any case, always
include the reason why you are submitting the advertisement instead
of Skippy.  I will reject advertisements in which the submitter fails
to explain why he or she should be the one submitting an advertisement
for another person or a company.


It is desired that the Subject: line of all advertisements follow
some convention.  It will make the moderator's job MUCH simpler if
ALL SUBMITTERS follow the following convention.  (It will make the
group a lot easier to read too :^)

  For Sale advertisements should look like the following:
     "Subject:FS: 1972 Johnson 5hp OB, $200, Seattle"
     "Subject:FS: 2 Barient #24 winches, $200USD, Australia"
     "Subject:FS: AC-95 t-shirts, many styles, $12ea, NY"
     "Subject:FS: Bottom painting, free estmt, Long Island/NYC"

     Wanted advertisements should look like the following:
     "Subject:WTB: '80s Hunter 25, Chesepeake Bay"
     "Subject:WTB: J24 trailer <$1000, Florida"
     "Subject:WTB: 35lb CQR anchor + chain, France"
     "Subject:WTB: VHF radio-any make working <$75, Boston"

NOTE: Be sure to use the "FS:" or "WTB:" prefix when filling in the
subject.  It is the main item in the Subject: that will help make this
group easier to read.


All advertisements should be straightforward.
Make sure to include the following items:


     What is it that you are selling or looking for.  Be concise
     and to the point.  "I want a boat, but I'm not sure what
     type" is too broad for this group. 


     If the item or service is being offered company, give the
     name of the company.  Also include a current address and telephone
     number that customers can contact for further information.  Other
     methods, such as FAX numbers and email address should also go
     here.  If you aren't a company, you don't need to include this


     Give a general descripttion of the item or service that you
     are offering or are looking for.  Also list the important
     features, and any interesting details.  Don't make the
     description too long.  Interested parties will ALWAYS contact
     you for more information.

     Remember that many of the readers of this group are new and
     inexperienced.  Make sure you explain in clear terms exactly
     what you are offering or looking for.  Avoid too much jargon.


     If you have special requirements, be it selling or looking for
     somthing, list them.


     Let everyone know where the item or service is being offered,
     or where you are located if you are looking for something.
     Remeber, this information is propagated world-wide.  Some guy
     in Australia doesn't want to waste time contacting you only
     to find out that perfect dinghy you are selling is in Michigan.
     You MUST include this section even if you are willing to ship
     the item anywhere in the world.


     If you are advertising somthing for sale, list the price for
     the item or service.  If the price is in a currency other than
     US dollars, specify it.  Once again, this information will be
     propagated world-wide, so it is important to many readers.  If
     it is a wanted advertisement, list what you are willing to pay
     or put $OPEN if that is the case.


     List how interested parties should contact you.  You can list
     your email address, snail mail address, phone numbers, FAX numbers
     or any other method that an interested party might contact you.

Subject: r.b.m.FAQ4of4.disclaimer
Originator: bonitch@vella
Organization: Xerox Corp, Rochester NY
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995 02:15:19 GMT

             Disclaimer for

                      February 15, 1995

1. Spirit of disclaimer

I wish to protect myself against being sued.  I am doing this work
on a volunteer basis.  I want to be able to work freely without
worry about being sued for any of my actions or the actions of
someone submitting information to me, especially since I'm doing this
for the greater good.  To this end, this is a warning that errors may
occur and a statement that since I get my information from somewhere
else, I won't be liable about it.  I'm just passing it on from the
submitter to the readers.

2. Language of disclaimer

By submitting advertisements to the moderator, the submitter implicitly
agrees that the material may be posted on Usenet.  Submitting an
advertisement autmatically releases the information contained within
the advertisement into the public domain, so that it may be archived,
re-published, put in a collection, sent to readers via electronic mail,
or otherwise used in any manner whatsoever.

Typing, transmission, or other errors and inaccuracies of commission or
omission may occur, and the moderator assumes no liability for these

Advertisements submitted are the responsibility of the submitter.  The
moderator will not be held liable for the accuracy or content of such
material.  In addition, the moderator will not be held liable by either
submitters or users of such material for any errors of omission or
commission the moderator may make.

If you disagree with these conditions, do not submit advertiesments to
the moderator for posting to and do not use the
information the moderator posts to

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