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The skills I acquired as a sailor served me well, for they gave me a sense of pace which I might not otherwise possess. I see people all about me who have never developed an adequate inner clock and who are never at one with the wind because of it. The frantic individual tacks too soon, jumping from job to job, friendship to friendship, spouse to spouse, losing headway at every turn. The obtuse individual remains on the same tack too long, investing too much time, talent, and energy in a course that takes him far from his avowed objective. But the seasoned sailor stays on the same tack as long as it appears advantageous, and then, at the appropriate moment, pushes the tiller toward the sail and deftly changes direction.

- Richard Bode First you have to row a little boat

Some Sailing Software info from the Net

Velocity Sailing
Velocity offers software for both performance prediction and for hull design, and also consultation on speed under sail.

Blue Peter Marine Systems
Providers of a family of hull design programs.

Nautical Technologies - The Cap'n Electronic Charting System

Marine navigation software.

Jeppesen Marine
Developer of MarineMap electronic charting software and RasterPlus digital nautical charts.

Posey Yacht Design
Sailing simulators.

ProMar Software
Provides information on a shareware navigation program, WayPoint for Windows, and celestial software called SkyMate Pro: The Navigator's Almanac.

Regatta Scoring and Race Management
A comprehensive computer program for Regatta Scoring and Race Managment.

Sailing Results System
This is page contents some free software to download which runs under MS-DOS and assists in running a dinghy sailing race, specifically in calculating the results using the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick system.

Starpath School of Navigation
Including their free NavRules for WinHelp.

Stormy Weather SoftWare Ltd.

TopYacht Software
A program for Windows provides club membership lists, race and regatta management, handicapping and yardstick based scoring for dinghies, trailables and keelboats.

SmartCom software

Waterman Services
Computer Solutions for the Mariner - hardware, software

I'm always open to adding resources to my list, so if you know of other items, give me a holler:

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